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M.Sc. Psych. Theresa Entringer

(PhD candidate: 01.05.2015 - 30.04.2018)

University Address

Universität Mannheim

(tel) +49 621 / 181 28 56


(fax) +49 621 / 181 28 03

A5, 6 section A

Room: 318


68159 Mannheim


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Personality processes: Big Five facets & Big Two

Personality measurement

Cross-cultural comparisons


Entringer, T. M. & Gebauer, J. E. (in prep, 2018). Assessing Agency and Communion with items from the Big Five Inventory. Manuscript in preparation, University of Mannheim.

Gebauer, J. E., Entringer, T. E., Sedikides, C., Bleidorn, W., Rentfrow, P. J., Denissen, J. J. A., Potter, J. & Gosling, S. D. (in prep, 2018). Person-culture fit effects on self-esteem vary tremendously across people: The role of personality from a sociocultural motives perspective.Manuscript in preparation, University of Mannheim.

Entringer, T. M., Gebauer, J. E., Bleidorn, W., Rentfrow, P. J., Potter, J., & Gosling, S. D. (in prep, 2017). On the associations between Big Five facets and religiosity: a cross-cultural perspective across 102 countries, self- and informant-reports, and three levels of spatial aggregation. Manuscript in preparation, University of Mannheim.

Entringer, T. M. (2013). Differential effects of anxiety-inducing stimuli -- An analysis of physiological and subjective data (Unpublished master's thesis). Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.